Easy & Automatic Scrypt to BitCoin Mining System

Start Mining Now - No Registration Required!

Mine Directly To Your Cryptsy Trade Key!

Point Your Miner To:
stratum+tcp://miner.alternatepool.com:3333 -u <Your Trade Key> -p x
Your Trade Key is your Cryptsy Trade Key located on your Cryptsy Dashboard

Mine Profitable Scrypt Based Crypto-Currencies and Get Paid in BitCoin

Our pool uses proprietary methods to determine the best coins to mine and automatically switches to new coins. As coins are mined they are automatically converted into BitCoin and paid out to the miners. Miners only need to point their rigs to our stratum mining server using their Cryptsy Trade Key as their username to participate.

Fees / Payment

We only charge a 1% fee! We pay out once per day at Midnight EST - No minimum payouts!.

Example cgminer Config

./cgminer --scrypt -o stratum+tcp://miner.alternatepool.com:3333 -u 0c23c0752d0b52fa2c0a8204a835938da26a3f36 -p x

Current Pool Hashrate: 10.719 MH/s

Total Earnings Today: BTC

Current Immature Blocks: 125

7 Day Avg Hashrate: 83.06 MH/s

7 Day Avg Daily Income per MH/s:

0.00033078 BTC

Current Top 20 Miners

Trade Key 1 Hr Avg MH/s Unpaid Balance Earnings Today Total Paid
0dada8becf97e3b15f3da9b2171a433152b744c6 6.655 0.00000000 BTC 0.00000000 BTC 0.01007187 BTC
0c23c0752d0b52fa2c0a8204a835938da26a3f36 3.989 0.00000000 BTC 0.00000000 BTC 4.39874176 BTC
4dc476ae8d8dd8b51050649853e055edda6743c4 0.056 0.00000000 BTC 0.00000000 BTC 0.00192655 BTC
20bdb203d17841b56c8067510b02024788108073 0.019 0.00000000 BTC 0.00000000 BTC 0.00017731 BTC