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(wish there was) but i am going to inquire about being prescribed phentermine along with the byetta. How long did your doctor prescribe phen for.
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2 answers - posted in phentermine, doctor, prescription - answer hello purplebritt22. You might contact the ammerican medical association.
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Hi lexiloo when you go to the doctor just tell her.look im over weight and i want to know what my options are i want to try phentermine.she may want you to try.
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2 answers - posted in phentermine, weight, medication - answer. And cut out all artificial sweetners, cut out soda, juices, diet ice tea etc.
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It is very important that you eat enough to actually be able to lose weight. I was wondering if any one had a good diet plan to help me.
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Knowing what to eat while on a diet is never easy, including while. To plan ahead with respect to when and how much youre going to eat.
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I have started phentermine and b12 shots once a week. So i plan to keep this new life style even after getting off phen. I barely eat and im pretty active. There are no calorie counting. Check out doctors diet program and see if you can.
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I never eat more than 1800 calories a day (i usually stay around 1600) i even worked out 4x a. I did keep to my diet plan the whole month.
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Combine the adipex with diet and exercise to. Adipex, also known as adipex-p, a brand name for phentermine, is a prescription diet pill doctors use to. When following a low-calorie diet, and follow a regular exercise plan.
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